Dr. Hans Hammann


Certified Specialist Attorney in Inheritance Law

Business Mediator (DIRO)



Born in Kaiserslautern, training as a banker, studied law at the University of Tübingen, since 1998 a member of the firm in 2002 as a partner recording.

Business mediator (DIRO), certified executor (DVEV), member of the German Association for Inheritance Law and Succession (DVEV), the Association Inheritance Law of the German Bar Association, co-founder and CEO of the Community Foundation Reutlingen.

Practice Areas

  • Germany-wide judicial and extrajudicial representation in inheritance
  • Conflict avoiding and tax-optimizing Last Will document creation, especially for larger and complex financial circumstances
  • Statuatory share: prevention, enforcement, settlement
  • English / Spanish succession and Inheritance Tax Law
  • Interpretation and contestation of unclear Wills
  • Mediation