Dr. Eva Unfried


Certified Specialist Attorney in Family Law



Born in Reutlingen, studied Law at the University of Tuebingen and Aix-en-Provence, first worked as a lawyer in Munich between 2006 and 2015, since 2015 certified specialist attorney in family law, since 2016 a member of the team.

Practice Areas

  • Ongoing advice to secular/religious and social organizations, especially in the social, institutional, non-profit- and association legal issues
  • Advice to religious communities, especially in canonical issues
  • Advising hospitals, care and disability organizations in care and patient legal issues
  • Family Law with a focus on divorce and the consequences of divorce such as maintenance/alimony, gain compensation (goods acquired during marriage), custody and visitation rights
  • Create and organize of marriage contracts
  • Tax issues in separation and divorce
  • Design and discussion of co-habitating agreements