Employment and Labor Law

VOELKER's Employment & Labor Law Team has the experience and depth to provide comprehensive advice and creative solutions in all matters pertaining to Employment and Labor Law.

From decades of handling disputes and litigation we know the tactical moves and the underlying economic rationales of both sides: the employer's side and the employee's side. Thus we can apprehend the strategy of the opposing side, which will give you the tactical advantage.

Our Team is up-to-date on all ongoing legislation, statutory law and case law.

Significant Areas of Service:

  • Individual and Collective Labor Law
  • Labor Contract
  • Time Limitation of Labor Contracts
  • Warnings and Cease-and-Desist Letters
  • Handling Terminations
  • Assisting in Civil Actions before Labor Courts
  • Cancellation Period
  • Compensation
  • Vacation
  • Medical Leave
  • Minimum Wage
  • Parental Allowance
  • Handling of Legal Expense Insurances

Our Team's international expertise extends especially to:

  • Changing the Labor Contract for Posted Workers
  • Determining the Applicable Law
  • Social Insurance in the case of Posted Workers
  • Income Tax and Posted Workers
  • Permit of non-German citizens for labor within Germany

VOELKER hosts the very successful “Reutlinger Arbeitsrechtsforum” – a biannual meeting to present the latest in Employment and Labor Law.

Read here for a simple explanation and summarization of the complex German Labor Law.